Other Useful Apps

FRA Railroad Crossing Locator

The Crossing Locator was developed by the Federal Railroad Administration to provide users with access to the highway-rail grade crossing database and map features from a mobile device. The tool allows users to locate crossings by USDOT Crossing ID, address or geo-location; access inventory records submitted by states and railroads; and view accident history. Users can also select from multiple base map features and identify railroad crossings by special characteristics.

The information accessed in the mobile application is derived from the Safety Data website using information submitted by States and Railroads. While this is an effective tool, please use the ENS information and contact number during an emergency situation. The Crossing Locator App is currently available for Apple and Android Devices.

More information on the mobile application can be found at:

NIOSH Pocket Guide App

The NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards Native Application (mNPG) is a useful resource for workers, employers, and occupational safety and health professionals. The mNPG is a database of workplace chemical information including exposure limits, chemical/physical properties, personal protective equipment, respirators, and first aid. The mNPG is customizable and easy to use.

The mNPG Features:

  • Search by chemical name, trade name or synonym, DOT number and CAS number
  • Save chemical records as favorites for later use
  • Customize how you view chemical data
  • Review chemical records for physical properties, health hazards, first aid, respirator and personal protective equipment recommendations and regulatory information

Emergency Response Guidebook

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) has released a free, mobile app of its Emergency Response Guidebook 2016 (ERG). The ERG 2016 Mobile App was developed in partnership with the National Library of Medicine.  The mobile ERG will make it easier for the nation’s emergency first responders to quickly locate the information they need to manage hazardous material transportation incidents. The updated 2016 version of the ERG includes new Initial Isolation and Protective Action Distance tables for large toxic gas spills and standard response procedures for gas and liquid pipeline incidents.

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NFPA’s HAZMAT FLIC app provides the on-scene incident commander with pertinent guidance materials for managing emergency responses for high hazard flammable train and liquid petroleum pipeline emergencies.


  • Two Fire Protection Research Foundation reports: (1) “Liquid Petroleum Pipeline Emergencies (LPPE) On-Scene Incident Commander Field Guide”; and (2) “High Hazard Flammable Trains (HHFT) On-Scene Incident Commander Field Guide”

    Each guide provides the incident commander with tactical guidance and information for managing an emergency, including the application and use of risk-based response methodology.

  • A multi-tiered size-up checklist that includes steps for incident management, problem identification, hazard assessment/risk evaluation, PPE selection, logistics resource management, post-emergency response operations, and spill control and fire control operations

  • A collection of additional resources that includes links to incident reports, emergency numbers for rail lines, and links for additional train-specific and pipeline-specific information

U.S. Coast Guard MIMH

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) Incident Management Handbook Mobile App (MIMH) is an electronic enhancement to the paper or electronic versions of the USCG Incident Management Handbook (IMH).

The USCG MIMH is an interactive job aid and quick reference resource for Coast Guard and other first responders for use during incident response operations. This application (App) has been designed for use in locations outside of cellular and internet coverage, thus it does not require connectivity to use the majority of its features. This App is not designed to replace the paper version USCG IMH.

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DOT Chart 17

PHMSA’s DOT Chart 17 displays the markings, labeling and placarding (in full-color) required by the Hazardous Materials Regulations, Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations.

Note that this application is intended for general guidance only and should not be used to determine compliance with 49 CFR, Parts 100-185.

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CAMEO Chemicals

CAMEO Chemicals is a database of hazardous chemical datasheets that emergency responders and planners can use to get response recommendations and predict hazards (such as explosions or toxic fumes). This app runs offline.

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Dupont Safespec

Now available on mobile devices and tablets, you can make informed decisions on your chemical protective apparel choices from anywhere. DuPont™ SafeSPEC™ Mobile features exclusive dynamic interactive tools, product images, technical data, product features and benefits – all on your mobile device, so you’ll have instant access wherever you are.

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Kappler HazMatch

HazMatch® is an easy-to-use protective apparel selection tool from Kappler that allows a user to choose an appropriate safety garment based on a specific chemical hazard and the exposure scenario. HazMatch also allows a user to save search results to document a Hazard Assessment procedure, which satisfies OSHA requirements for this important procedure.

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