The Norfolk Southern team provides a menu of emergency response training options. If you are an emergency responder (including: fire department, law enforcement, emergency medical services, hazmat response team, emergency management personnel, military, homeland security personnel, shippers, and customers) and are interested in training, please contact us at to provide you options in your community. Please review our training options below. All of the training options provided by Norfolk Southern are free to attendees.

2023 NS HazMat Safety Train Schedules

Location Dates Primary
Asheville, NC March 21-23 Patten
Cincinnati, OH April 18-20 Simpson
Columbus, OH May 2-4 Shanks
Birmingham, AL May 16-18 Burch
Atlanta, GA June 6 Wood
Spartanburg, SC June 12-14 Patten
Greenville, SC June 15-16 Patten
Spencer, NC June 24 Williams
Roanoke, VA July 11-13 Williams
Harrisburg, PA Harrisburg, PA July 27-29 Gould
Toledo, OH August 8-10 Shanks
Ypsilanti, MI August 15-17 Shanks
Lorain, OH September 19-21 Deutsch
Pitcairn, PA October 10-12 Deutsch
Morrisville, PA Oct 31 - Nov 2 Gould

The TRANSCAER® Program

Norfolk Southern works hard to ensure the safe transportation of hazardous materials by rail. A key part of that effort is voluntary participation in the Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response program, known as TRANSCAER®. At TRANSCAER®-related events in 2021, Norfolk Southern employees provided training for more than 3,469 first responders across our system to help those communities prepare for and safely respond to potential incidents involving rail transport of hazardous materials. Local first responders and government officials participated in classroom and hands-on training, table top simulations, and full-scale drills. Of those trained, 723 were trained during 6 Norfolk Southern Safety Train events.

Achievement Award

For the 22nd time and 20th consecutive year in 2021, Norfolk Southern earned a National TRANSCAER® Achievement Award. The award recognizes exceptional achievement in support of voluntary efforts by companies and others to help communities prepare for and safely respond to incidents involving transport of hazardous materials.

Training Videos

Training Statistics - First Responders Trained Annually
 2022 – 5,031  2021 – 3,469
 2020 – 977  2019 – 5,788
 2018 – 6,226  2017 – 8,185
 2016 – 5,573  2015 – 4,792